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Quality Assurance through Accreditation and Certifications

The best training starts and ends with the best instructors. That is why LIUNA Training built the industry’s only ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited Instructor Certification Program. Every worker, employer, owner and community / educational / governmental partner benefits from our network of ANSI certified instructors.

LIUNA Training Certified Instructors have successfully completed one of the most comprehensive adult training programs in the industry. They are trained to create dynamic and engaging environments that put students in the best position to learn basic and advanced construction knowledge and skills.

LIUNA Training certifications prove that our instructors have met strict eligibility requirements and demonstrate the best practices of adult education. The result is a LIUNA Trained worker who is productive, safe and ready to produce a quality product.

LIUNA Training’s Instructor Certification Program moves participants from online training, to classroom instruction and assessment, and finally to a comprehensive ANSI certified exam. A certified instructor must be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of adult education practices
  • execute student-centered, activity-based teaching techniques
  • convey trade information professionally
  • meet reading, math and computer proficiency standards

More importantly, the Certification Program is not the end but the beginning of career-long education and professional development. Certification maintenance combined with continuing education programs ensure that LIUNA instructors remain on the cutting edge of the industry.


LIUNA Training uses rigorous processes to maintain objectivity, confidentiality, and independence from conflicting interests. Examinations are developed, assessed, and scored by an independent professional organization. Professionals in the certification subject area work together as a scheme committee to establish and review certification requirements. All of this not only meets professional standards, but guarantees quality, relevance, and fairness.

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LIUNA Training & Education Fund’s Apprentices

The LIUNA Training & Education Fund Apprenticeship Programs are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), confirming that they comply with the government’s rigorous national standards. Both the commercial and residential construction apprenticeship programs are designed to allow inexperienced workers to begin earning a salary immediately as LIUNA apprentices. Earning while they learn, workers new to our industry participate in on-the-job training that is supported by both classroom and hands-on instruction at a local LIUNA training center.

The Apprenticeship Programs are the foundation of our commitment to meeting the needs of LIUNA’s signatory contractors for safe, skilled employees. Contractors who hire apprentices are able to focus on developing a strong team while the apprentices receive the quality training they need at the local LIUNA training center. The result is a workforce that grows with the contractors, understands the operations and works safely to get the job done right the first time.

Participation in the DOL Registered Apprenticeship Programs benefits the apprentice in many ways, including:

  • Acquires the skills and competencies necessary for success, without cost
  • Provides a competitive starting wage that increases after achieving training milestones
  • Participates in classroom and hands-on instruction that complements on-the-job learning
  • Achieves certifications that increase employability
  • Accesses opportunities for college credit for training achievements

The Apprenticeship Programs also provide many benefits to contractors, including:

  • Safe, skilled employees
  • Employees who understand the contractors’ values and goals
  • Payroll savings while the apprentice advances through the program
  • EEO requirements are met
  • Targeted training for the skills the contractor values most
  • No out-of-pocket expense

LIUNA Training’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs ensure that new Construction Craft Laborers and Home Performance Laborers receive the quality training they need to be successful in the construction industry today, and in years to come.

Independent IAS Accreditation

When the industry, job specs, owner or municipal requirements call for quality training and use of accredited courses, LIUNA Training has it covered. LIUNA Training’s curriculum development process is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). IAS accreditation sets independent criteria for establishing learning objectives, developing training materials that meet those objectives, and conducting program measurement and improvement. Moreover, IAS Accreditation requires us to implement a quality management system of written operating procedures, sound professional practices, clearly defined lines of authority, and routine audit and metric reports that support decision-making and resource allocation. Earning and retaining IAS accreditation is an achievement no other construction trade organization has attained.

IAS accreditation certifies that our training in Building Construction, Demolition, Environmental Remediation, Safety and Leadership meets the highest standards. All courses are flexible enough to meet area-specific training needs. Accreditation also ensures the information is continually updated and that new courses adhere to the highest standards.

IAS accreditation also guarantees that we utilize industry and educational experts to make sure our curriculum is pilot tested before release and presented by certified instructors. Together this results in graduates ready to tackle the job, safely and competently, on Day 1; because there's trained, and then there's LIUNA trained.

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