As one of the only trade organizations to receive independent, third party accreditation for our curriculum, we can offer the industry’s most comprehensive training materials. Accredited curriculum ensures LIUNA members are engaged learners, receive quality training and acquire the latest skills. For employers it means value, productivity and the ability to meet industry requirements. Accreditation also means curriculum developed by industry experts with adherence to strict standards. Successful graduates are better prepared for the job, they’re safer workers, and they’re productive on Day 1. Because there’s trained, and there’s LIUNA-Trained.

Our catalog offers over 25 programs featuring more than 100 courses that focus on six areas of concentration:

The quality of an education is only as good as the quality of the instructor teaching it. That is why we developed the industry’s most rigorous Instructor Certification Program. Accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute), LIUNA instructors are required to participate in a multiyear certification program that is tied to career-long education and training. From the best practices in adult education to the latest classroom techniques, certified LIUNA instructors provide students with the greatest opportunity to learn.

LIUNA Training’s Instructor Certification Program offers a structured path to attain both technical and educational knowledge and skills. Every LIUNA instructor is assessed and placed on a corresponding path to certification. Instructional standards as well as general educational and computer competencies must be met before an instructor can sit for the certification exam. This challenging ANSI-accredited program ensures quality, consistency and integrity throughout North America.

Our Instructor Skills Standards are available for the purchase price of $75. To order, just fill out the form below and a LIUNA Training representative will contact you.

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