Ethics Statement

LIUNA Training is committed to maintaining a fair and impartial certification process and to protecting information confidentiality. To ensure that LIUNA Training personnel, contractors and certified individuals follow codes of conduct that protect these standards, individuals agree to behave ethically and to abide by confidentiality and conflict of interest statements.

LIUNA Training understands that quality certification programs depend upon both actual and perceived impartiality. We implement policies that reinforce this attribute, including:

  • Separating certification activities and decisions from other organizational activities.
  • Conducting periodic review of all certification schemes and assessment processes by individuals representative of affected or interested populations.
  • Providing third-party scoring and assessment/validation of examinations.
  • Maintaining independent accreditation of programs by qualified independent bodies that conduct rigorous reviews.

Strict processes govern all aspects of LIUNA Training certification programs. Certification decision-making is determined by objective criteria based upon knowledge, skills and abilities deemed necessary through a job task analysis. Assessments are conducted by individuals who have no interest or stake in the result, as documented by the conflict of interest statements and enforced through separation of functions within LIUNA Training.

LIUNA Training maintains the privacy of candidates and certificants and protects personal information from unauthorized access. Release of information to a candidate or certified individual will only be granted by written request.