Reputation. Quality. Profit. Getting the job done right, on time and under budget are all things that contractors expect in a successful project. LIUNA Training and its network of over 70 affiliated training centers share these values. As one of the oldest labor management training providers, this collaborative relationship represents one of the most significant investments in training in the construction industry. Few organizations can deliver the results that LIUNA Training can.

Quality, safety and productivity impact the bottom line on any project. Having a well-trained workforce is an essential part of any profitable job. LIUNA Training has the best curriculum, the best facilities, and the best instructors in the business. Moreover, we offer the best workforce development strategies and provide administrative systems that ease the burden associated with complying with regulatory requirements. If you are an owner or a contractor, look no further than LIUNA for all of your training needs.

A LIUNA Trained workforce understands the employer’s need for a good return on investment. From reducing unnecessary change orders and safety violations and repairing costly mistakes, to building a reputation within the community by meeting local hire requirements, LIUNA Trained programs get the job done.

It all starts with partnerships. LIUNA Training works closely with contractors to develop curriculum that addresses industry needs. It’s about government approved apprenticeship programs that reduce the burden on the contractor and help to develop a community based career-oriented workforce. It’s about protecting the public and the workers, thereby ensuring a good safety record, reduced lost-time injuries, and decreased liability.

Owners must meet project specific workforce requirements, relying upon contractor participation to ensure implementation. In addition, contractors require continual workforce development strategies to maintain company growth. LIUNA Training’s network is a one-stop shop for workforce development strategies – everything from school-to-work initiatives and career exploration, to community partnerships and targeted programs for youth, minorities, women, immigrants and veterans. The cornerstone to LIUNA’s workforce development is an approved apprenticeship program.

LIUNA Training’s Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship Program takes much of the administrative and training burden off of the contractor. LIUNA’s training and apprenticeship programs offer marketing, recruitment, intake, training, tracking and data sharing. More importantly LIUNA’s training and apprenticeship programs develop qualified and safe workers.


All LIUNA apprentices are pre-screened and complete baseline training before being dispatched to a jobsite. LIUNA Training’s apprenticeship programs develop Laborers who become critical thinkers and efficient workers.

LIUNA Trained apprentices begin by learning the core construction skills that will form a foundation of safety and productivity, everything from general construction skills to OSHA, scaffolding to First Aid/CPR and Hazard Communication. With a solid understanding of the basics, the apprentice can move on to training in one or more areas of concentration: Building Construction, Heavy/Highway and Utility Construction, Masonry, Demolition and Deconstruction, Pipeline, Tunneling, Environmental Remediation, and Landscaping.

Apprentices start out earning a percentage of the journey worker wage and receive regular increases based on predetermined milestones. Apprenticeship gives a company a chance to invest in its future today by building a lasting workforce.

Since 1969, LIUNA Training and our North American training network have been the driving force behind the best-trained workforce in the construction industry. Years of research prove that a well-trained and safe workforce is a more productive workforce, one with low employee turnover and few lost-time injuries. Simply put, becoming a LIUNA signatory contractor is a good business decision that will help companies stay profitable.