Registered Apprenticeship Matters

We must ensure the construction industry’s registered apprenticeship programs remain permanently exempt from the Department of Labor’s newly implemented requirements of IRAP or Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program.  To help spread this message, we have created Social Media content for your websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other messaging/social media formats.

The success of ALL Social Media is dependent on one unified and consistent message that showcases strength in numbers.

Social Media Posts

Below you’ll find downloadable Social Media images and crafted messaging for you to utilize.  Our intent is to stay positive and KEEP construction’s Registered Apprenticeship out of IRAPs! We have until August 26th to respond.

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Our Messaging:

Registered Apprenticeship Matters; Registered means quality; Registered means high standards: The construction industry, contractors, the public and co-workers all demand the best in skills and safety training.  Construction Registered Apprenticeship Programs are the Gold Standard and uphold the responsibility of American Quality. LIUNA Training supports the Department of Labor’s decision to keep the construction industry out of IRAPs.  Registered Apprenticeship programs are a proven, long-term, highly successful model; the result is the best trained Apprentices that help build America. Make your voice heard, submit your comments to keep construction out of IRAPs!

There are two ways to have your voice heard

Form-Letter Online Submission or
These links will allow any voting American to complete an online, pre-developed form letter and directly submit it to the DOL.

Original-Letters Submission to the DOL
This link will allow individuals to write original letters stressing the importance of permanently exempting Construction Registered Apprenticeship from IRAPs.

Our Hashtags:

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